Thanks for visiting my blog, Bites with Blade!  The origin of the name comes from a nickname of mine – my name is Becca Lade – B. Lade – Blade.  I always loved the nickname; it made me feel connected to my love of cooking, while giving me a little bit of a tough edge (maybe lol).

My love of food and cooking started at a young age.  I used to spend lots of late nights watching the food network as a kid.  Some of my formative favorites were Iron Chef America and 30 Minute Meals with Rachel Ray.  As I grew up and became familiarized with pinterest, I started to really explore food and try out fun new recipes.

I’ve always been an adventurous eater as well.  When I was six, I liked to tell people how my favorite food was octopus (it still is!)  My dad brought me out of any sort of food comfort zone, and introduced me to all types of cuisines and fine dining experiences.

I’ve been lactose intolerant for the majority of my life, and recently started going almost completely dairy free.  So you will find the majority of my food experiences reflect this.  So if you are also lactose intolerant, or avoid eating dairy – stay tuned for some cool alternatives and suggestions!

Now that I’ve started my career as a consultant, I am lucky to have the opportunity to travel, and as a result, try so many fantastic restaurants, foods, and recipes.  I’m based out of Chicago, but travel frequently to Milwaukee, Minneapolis, and Toronto.  Travel is one of my passions, and any vacation or trip I take, food is my number one priority.  I am excited to share all my food adventures with you, and some of my own recipes and tips along the way!